Henry IV, Part One

Henry IV, Part One by William Shakespeare
My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Three of Shakespeare’s greatest characters populate this play, neither one of them is the titular character however. Prince Hal (the future Henry V), Falstaff, and Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy give this play it’s focus and direction. Hal’s transformation from a wayward prince towards the great man he becomes progresses throughout the play. One of his stumbling blocks is of course Falstaff, who’s personality and criminal actions, are an obvious bad influence but also a comic relief at times. Finally there is Hotspur, the hot-tempered young noblemen considered better than the future King, even though he quickly takes offense at Henry IV’s actions towards him and his family thus stirring up rebellion. The play ends with action and the promise what is to come as Hal continues his turn towards becoming the great English hero.


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