Eric (Discworld #9, Rincewind #4)

0062237330-01-_sx450_sy635_sclzzzzzzz_Eric by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Rincewind returns to the Disc’s plane of existence in the 9th installment of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, unfortunately the inept wizard’s return is not one of the series’ best.

Rincewind returns to the Disc, unfortunately an inept teenage demonologist named Eric has conjured him from dimension he was trapped in and believes him to be a demon.  What Rincewind and Eric do not know is that they are pawns in a game by a demon lord against the reigning demon king who has ‘modernized’ Hell.  Rincewind and Eric find themselves running through history, namely backwards, to the point before history began with not only Luggage trailing them but the Demon King himself upset by the fact that a human is “pretending” to be a wizard and stealing a young “recruit.”  And then the pair have to literally surviving from one end of Hell to the other before Rincewind is able to take up where he left of his boring, yet terrifying life in Sourcery.

While the humor was present in the book, it wasn’t as good as previous installments including previous Rincewind centric ones.  The short length resulted in the ending to be tied up quickly with the sudden introduction of the demon lord’s masterplan and it’s end result happening in about two pages.  Overall it felt like Pratchett wanted to get Rincewind back on the Disc for future adventures and wrote a short story to get him back, the book wasn’t bad but it didn’t feel like a “true book”.



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