New Spring (WoT Prequel)

New Spring by Robert Jordan
My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

I finished reading the expanded novella version of New Spring three years ago today, but the intervening years haven’t taken away my recollection of the novella and after finishing the short story I can say that even with it’s faults the novella was better.

The action follows fan favorites Lan and Moiraine surrounding tragic events in the Kandori royal palace which leads to them becoming Bonded and searching for the Dragon Reborn. However each opens up in what seems to be halfway through their narrative and that automatically hurts the overall effort. There were numerous secondary and tertiary characters that were a detriment of the whole piece because space had to be made to make them relevant which took away from the main plot thread. I was finding myself filling in the “holes” with memories from the novella.

Unlike Debt of Bones and The Burning Man, which were prequels as well this prequel relied heavily on the established series and as a result was probably the “worst” story of the anthology.


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