Oddly Normal (Book 2)

1632154846.01._sx450_sy635_sclzzzzzzz_Oddly Normal Vol. 2 by Otis Frampton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oddly Normal’s life in Fignation continues in Book 2 of Otis Framption’s young adult series, as the half-witch learns about her parent’s past while beginning friendships with some of her new classmates. With nice character development and wonderful artwork, this second installment is a wonderful continuation of the “Oddly Normal” series.

After surviving an attack by some of her more nefarious new classmates, Oddly wakes up and talks with her Great Aunt about her parents including looking through some of her mother’s possessions that she kept stored in Fignation and going through one of her mother’s memories. Then Oddly gets an invitation from Ragnar (along with his brother Reggie and friend Misty) to join them at his family “secret” lab, which she does only to return Ragnar’s delivery robot that lost its rockets. Soon Oddly not only finds herself friends but also a pet. But once the weekend is over, the school day seems to go just like her first though a little better with friends.

After establishing his title character in the first book, Frampton expanded Oddly personal history and gave the story some important secondary characters that young adult readers would find engaging that will no doubt help Oddly fit in better in Fignation while her Great Aunt searches for her parents. The wonderful artwork by Frampton is perfect for the age range of the intended audience, though pleasing to those older like myself, and adds to the story being told from panel to panel.

“Oddly Normal Book 2” is a fantastic continuation of Otis Frampton’s young adult series, not only through dialogue and story but most importantly with artwork. Even if you aren’t in the book’s target audience, take a look at Oddly Normal if only to see if your own children or niece/nephew might be interested in following the adventures of this half-witch in an imaginary world.

Book One
Book Three

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