Oddly Normal (Book 3)

82c70bb6b998aca596b33716d41444341587343Oddly Normal, Book 3 by Otis Frampton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the third book of the Oddly Normal series, Otis Frampton’s titular character faces challenges and searches for answers. With quality artwork that enhances the story of Oddly, her friends, her enemies, the world of Fignation, and the impact of the narrative; this installment is a great continuation of the young adult series.

Taking up exactly where the previous book ended, Oddly and her friends enjoy a game of rocketball. However Oddly’s half-witch status once again results setting up the next conflict she must rise to, a broom race. But instead of acceptance from her peers, Oddly finds out that one of her teachers has been behind the attacks by her classmates. With her friends help, Oddly discovers a connection to her parents and confronts her teacher for answers.

In this third book, Frampton begins to address the inciting incident of the series and a powerful antagonist that Oddly confronts for the first time. After the challenging results of Oddly’s confrontation with her teacher, she decides it’s time to focus on finding her parents even if it meant failing at attempting to use magic. However, her Great Aunt prevents her to try any magical solution while encouraging her to live a normal life and giving both Oddly and the reader something to think about.

After two books of exposition in beginning the series, Otis Frampton introduces conflict into the Oddly Normal story arc. With more information on Oddly’s parents as well as a potential ultimate antagonist at the heart of the mystery of their disappearance, the narrative stage has been set for further conflict and the resulting character development for Oddly and her friends. Oddly Normal Book 3 is a critical installment in the series in which the overall story changes things from being introduces to conflict, Frampton makes this change very well making the reader want to get their hands on Book 4 sooner rather than later.

Book One
Book Two

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