This blog will be dedicated generally to book reviews and thoughts on books or on series.  One of these series is A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) and my thought on theories posited across the Internet from here on WordPress to YouTube.  From time to time I will actually review or discuss movies and TV shows, besides Game of Thrones, when the mood suits me.  And I will also talk history or alternate history ideas from time to time as well, again as the mood suits me.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Mostly separate, I will mirror somethings onto Booklikes and vice versa. But like I said on my “Other Sites” entry, I’ve been planning on creating a WordPress blog for sometime.

      I have a question, I have 201 full book reviews and numerous reviews of short stories in anthologies/collection that I’ve written that have been posted across all my sites. Any suggestions about how to put them up on WordPress like back dating them (Blogger has this) or just post a book review (or two) day? Anything thoughts on the matter would be helpful


      • I copied all my data from my blogger here to wordpress and it dated everything appropriately. I think I exported an html from blogger and imported it here? It should be an option in your dashboard. As for back dating, when you write a post, there is an option to set the date and time, which should work for posting in the future as well. Let me know if you need more specifics, on booklikes. comments here aren’t easy for me, it is a tiny little box 😦

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