A (First) Read Through of Discworld

For a little over four years I’ve been reading one of the longest series in fantasy humor we might ever see, Discworld. Beginning with The Color of Magic on May 23, 2014 and finishing The Shepherd’s Crown on June 12, 2018 I read 41 books (plus a short story in an anthology) with a lot of laughs and a lot of interesting takes on the cliches of fantasy and real life issues.  But now it’s over and I’ll just be retreading old territory now when I read them again, and there will be an again.

So now that I don’t have any more Discworld books to look forward to, only look back on, I’ve decided to type out some of my thoughts.

Image Courtesy of Epic Reads

I read the series in order, the outer in the image above, though from the beginning I was looking forward to the Death installments (blue) because it was the TV adaptation of Hogfather that interested me in the series in first place and wasn’t disappointed.  Yet the biggest surprise enjoyment was Sam Vimes when I read Guards! Guards! and I looked forward to every Watch (green) book that followed.  The biggest disappointments was the slow decline of Rincewind throughout his series, Wizards on the above image, and that the Witches (pink) series really didn’t feel quality until after Magrat became Queen and was no longer an official witch only to become a better character.

Well that’s what I think after my first read through those 41 books and frankly now that I’ve done that, I know I have to go back and read them again now that I know what happens “in the future” to these characters.  Maybe my opinion for the first three Witch books will improve, maybe my opinion of The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic will go down, and maybe I might hate Eric even more.

Those are all possibilities for whenever I begin my reread of Sir Terry’s fantastic series.  But maybe this time I might do add the various visual adaptations to review along side the books, something I failed to do with Hogfather and still fail to with Deathly Hallows.  Maybe I can get my act together?

However before any reread of Discworld begins, I’ve got a few more series to cover again including a reread of The Wheel of Time as well as reading the around 250 books I still have on my book shelf and any new ones that get published in the upcoming years.  In the mean time if you want to look at all my reviews of Discworld to go my series page that has links to each book’s review, which can be accessed at the SERIES tab above or at this link here.

Feel free to make any comments you want about Discworld in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “A (First) Read Through of Discworld

    • Yeah, Tiffany Aching is major reason why I felt the series ended strong.

      Honestly I wish Ponder Stibbons had taken over the Wizards series after The Last Continent, it might have resulted in a few good installments.

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  1. Even tho its hit or miss with TP, most of his books will always be a comfortable read for me. I believe it has to do with the mood your in when picking them up. I am realy glad you took your time with this whole series. I also look forward to seeing whats next

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