Laying Down the Law

838575003add3ff596b43307177444341587343Laying Down the Law by Keith Augustus Burton
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One of the most contentious issues debated between Christian theologians is “the Law” and its place within Christianity. In Laying Down the Law, Keith Augustus Burton looks at the misconceptions surrounding God’s Law and puts the spotlight on it’s real meaning, love. Through 157 pages Burton tackles such topics as legalism, dispensationalism, the meaning of Paul’s writing on the Law, and so much more over 13 chapters using Bible verses, the culture of biblical times, and personal stories that begin and end each chapter to illustrate the topic covered. After reading this book, one will see God’s Law in whole new light.

3 thoughts on “Laying Down the Law

  1. How does it work out for reading so much non-fiction?
    I know you like history and read that, but all the other non-fiction, is it a choice you’ve made or is it just how things are shaking up?

    I am asking because I just walked into another moral landmine in an SFF book (the 3rd Jackaby book) and I’m getting so darn sick of it. I’m discouraged, dis-heartened and almost nobody else on wordpress even understands where I’m coming from. Even when you might not agree with me about something in a book, at least I KNOW you understand why.

    Sorry. Had to vent there. Thanks…

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    • No problem, everyone needs to vent from time to time.

      My non-fiction weekend reads are a mixture of planned out schedule and then picking-and-choosing from either my shelves or my parent’s shelves.

      As for my other non-history, non-fiction (aka philosophy and/or political theory) it’s a part of my primary reading schedule that I redid last year…and will redo for next year so as to inject more fantasy into it sooner.

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