Bast’s Talon (Tales from the Eternal Archives #1)

0886778239-01-_sx450_sy635_sclzzzzzzz_Bast’s Talon by Janet Pack
My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The High Priestess of Bast, Katiri-Maat, goes to yet another meeting with the Pharaoh Khafre and attempts to convince him to dedicate the limestone outcropping in front of his pyramid to her goddess. However, even though she relays a “true dream” from Bast to the Pharaoh the other priests and priestess as well as the Pharaoh’s advisor bring up other gods to be honored. That night Katiri-Maat has a troubling dream and is wakened up by a young acolyte scared that all the temple’s cat are missing. Realizing what the goddess is doing, Katiri-Maat returns to the palace just before sunrise in full regalia along with the large statue of Bast to find all the cats in the city in the palace courtyard making everyone miserable. The Pharaoh concedes to Bast and gives the order for the Sphinx to be sculpted. Overall I did like this story though the ending of the cats mobbing the palace was a bit cartoony, though I was less forgiving of setting the story in the Middle Kingdom when the pyramids were only constructed in the Old Kingdom.

3 thoughts on “Bast’s Talon (Tales from the Eternal Archives #1)

  1. I know you tend to review/rate every story you read in an anthology, but for some reason it just really hit me this time around. That is some serious dedication!
    Anyhoo, just wanted to give a word of encouragement.

    Haven’t seen you real active on WP. Are you being active elsewhere or just a general slowdown?

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    • Thanks. If figure if I’m going to review an anthology I need to rate every story and review it as well because there might be a few diamonds in a book that is rated low.

      Ever since my vacation ended, my time management has been off.

      I’m a story behind in the anthology review (admittedly I finished it today), though I haven’t been reading it every day I’ve usually done with my “home” reads. And I watched the Raymond Burr Godzilla and need to do a review of that.

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