Wild Creatures in Winter (Old Homestead #4)

215dd950eaf47ea59354b555251444341587343Wild Creatures in Winter by Neil Wayne Northey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wild Creatures in Winter is the fourth and final volume Neil Wayne Northey’s Old Homestead series. Like the previous volumes in the series this is a quick and pleasant children’s book that follows the lives of numerous animals that inhabit the area around the series’ titular location. Unlike the previous three books that could be read out of order, this book needs to be read last as all the animals followed were previously introduced in the other books in the series. Yet despite this one difference from the other books, it’ll still provide enjoyment to young children either reading on their own or being read to by their parents.

The Bluebirds and Their Neighbors
The Mallards and Their Neighbors
Paddletail the Beaver and His Neighbors

3 thoughts on “Wild Creatures in Winter (Old Homestead #4)

  1. How do you like reading these childrens books? Obviously, you like them enough to give them the coveted 5star rating. But considering some of the historical tomes you seem to like, are these a breath of fresh air or do they seem “simple”?

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