How Golf Shaped Scotland (Tales from the Eternal Archives #2)

0886778573-01-_sx450_sy635_sclzzzzzzz_How Golf Shaped Scotland by Bruce Holland Rogers
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Father Iain plays a lot of golf on the flat coast land around St. Andrews and is so good that his parishioners say he is the best in all of Scotland. Iain always admonishes them for this, but they continue saying it that the King and Queen of Faery challenge him to a game and curse the surrounding area to make him play. During the game, the two Faery begin magically changing the ground to create hillocks, bunkers, and uneven putting surfaces. Iain doesn’t complain because besides himself, the two monarchs also hurt each other. On the last hole, Iain breaks his putt to create the first club which he uses to hit the ball into the air above the shifting ground to fall into hole to win the game. The King and Queen begin arguing and battle one another around all the coasts of Scotland making it as we see today.

Through short, this story was straightforward and had no unnecessary words except for the “Chekhov’s Gun” that was repeated a little more than needed.

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