2019 Book Haul #2

Barnes & Noble haul

Right after buying those two books on Amazon, I went to Barnes & Noble because I had got extra discount coupons (as long as they weren’t on sale or bestselling hardcover).  As seen above I purchased five books.

I picked up The Curse of Oak Island by Randy Sullivan first.  I fully admit that I’m addicted to the History Channel show of the same title that Sullivan used for his book about the treasure hunt on Nova Scotia island.  Although the show isn’t perfect–the narrator’s script is awful–I love the mystery and the guys that are the center of the show.  With the show’s season premiere on November 5, I’m going to be reading this in October.

Since the fire of Notre Dame, I’ve looked to get the most famous book about the historic cathedral.  It also so happens that Victor Hugo is one of those authors one might want to read if you’re interested in the classics and the Barnes & Noble edition of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was on sale.  So easy buy, but it’ll be a while until I read it.

The last three books I decided to continue to collect Brandon Sanderson Cosmere books, though now I’m only lacking his graphic novels.  The Alloy of LawShadows of Self, and The Bands of Mourning make up Mistborn: Era II.  While I plan to read a lot of Sanderson Cosmere books soon, these will go behind some other fantasy books I’ve gotten.  So like the book above, these won’t be read for a while.

3 thoughts on “2019 Book Haul #2

  1. Have you read “Hunchback” before? If you haven’t, don’t read the intro by whatever wanker BN hired to write it. When I read the BN edition of “My Antonia” last year I made the mistake of reading the intro and the writer hit every plot point. Completely ruined it for me. I’ve read a couple of other BN editions as well and the into always seemed to be literary people spouting off to other literary people, so that didn’t help either 😀 Other than that, I hope you enjoy it.

    That cover for Oak Island is pretty eye-catching.

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    • I’ll try to remember that, though not all BN intros are bad. The intro for the two Sherlock Holmes volumes literally tells first time readers to read the stories first then came back for the literary analysis.

      Yeah, that was actually the promo image for the TV series a few years back. Sullivan while writing the book and after it was published made appearances on the show, he was in three episodes tops.

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