2021 Reading Plan (February Update)

Watching those metal birds fly, wondering why their wings don’t flap.


February was a successful month as I completed three books and one story just like the previous month.  So far I’m on track to complete the full list this year, so let’s take a quick view at my stats.

Overall Total: 6/35 (11.4%)
Original List: 6/35 (11.4%)
Total Pages: 3292 (548.7)

The best book of the past month was James Longstreet’s memoir, though he was defending himself against the conspirators of The Lost Cause myth this agenda doesn’t take away from his first hand accounts of battles and campaigns during the Civil War.  While Unique America wasn’t bad, it technically was the “worst” rated book this past month but wasn’t bad as it was informative.  Invisible Man is going onto a books to be reread list that I have to make someday due to the issue I noted in my review, which is one of the more interesting developments I didn’t expect to happen this year.

So March sees me continuing to work on Hobbes’ Leviathan, which as of today I’m through Part One or approximately 30%, and plan for reading is going well so I will be sticking with it going forward.  With Unique America done, I’ve started a book for a home read that isn’t on the list and will try to get it done by April for the new Jenny Lawson (see below) book.  I’ve started Austen’s Mansfield Park, I’m through Volume I and due to my work schedule this week I might get further along than I would normally which means I might get more read this month than I thought before.  I’ll definitely get to the last Dirk Pitt novel that Clive Cussler wrote solely by himself, everything after it is co-written by his son Dirk.  And I think I’ll get to The New Emperors which if I remember correctly when I bought the book at McKay’s 20-odd years ago it is on Mao and Deng’s rule in China.  And I might get on to Emma by the end of the month, we’ll see.

Obviously no movie review this month as I got stuff read pretty quickly. With the both NCAA Tournaments going to happen this year and other things happening in March, I don’t see myself doing anything on the blog besides reading. However you never know.

That’s all for this month, talk to you later.

:Sense and Sensibility (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastards #3) by Scott Lynch
A History of My Times by Xenophon*
Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt #16) by Clive Cussler
:Pride and Prejudice (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
From Manassas to Appomattox by James Longstreet
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
Unique America by John Bahr, Eric Peterson, & Donald Vaughan*
:Mansfield Park (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
Trojan Odyssey (Dirk Pitt #17) by Clive Cussler
The New Emperors by Harrison Evans Salisbury
:Emma (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
Best Served Cold (The First Law #4) by Joe Abercrombie
Black Wind (Dirk Pitt #18) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
:Northanger Abbey (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
Truman by David McCullough
The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
:Persuasion (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
Treasure of Khan (Dirk Pitt #19) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
President McKinley by Robert W. Merry
:Lady Susan (The Complete Novels) by Jane Austen:
The Complete Novels by Jane Austen
The Heroes (The First Law #5) by Joe Abercrombie
Artic Drift (Dick Pitt #20) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
A Country of Vast Designs by Robert W. Merry
Watership Down by Richard Adams
:A New Hope (Star Wars Episode IV) by George Lucas:
Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt #21) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
Grant by Ron Chernow
:The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars Episode V) by Donald F. Glut:
Red Country (The First Law #6) by Joe Abercrombie
Poseidon’s Arrow (Dirk Pitt #22) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
:Return of the Jedi (Star Wars Episode VI) by James Khan:
Star Wars Trilogy (Star Wars Episodes IV-VI) by George Lucas/Donald F. Glut/James Kham
FDR by Jean Edward Smith
Havana Storm (Dirk Pitt #23) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
Edward IV by Charles Ross
The Phantom Menace (Star Wars Episode I) by Terry Brooks
Odessa Sea (Dirk Pitt #24) by Clive & Dirk Cussler
William Pitt the Younger by William Hague
Attack of the Clones (Star Wars Episode II) by R.A. Salvatore
Celtic Empire (Dirk Pitt #25)
Bobby Kennedy by Larry Tye

Broken (In the Best Possible Way) by Jenny Lawson [April 6, 2021]

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

*=Original Home Read
^= Home Read
+= Random Insertion

One thought on “2021 Reading Plan (February Update)

  1. If you do get around to Emma this month, good luck! That was my least favorite of Austen’s works, just because I couldn’t stand the main character 😀

    Glad you’re getting some sports. Not being a sports fan of any kind, I’ve not missed the various shortened, abbreviated or just downright missing, seasons. I do, almost, feel bad for those of you who enjoy it though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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